Monday, February 10, 2014

It's an experiment.

I've spent the month of January thinking about how to rebrand Sewn Square One. While I am continuously happy with the quality, design, and instructional material that comes with every Sewn Square One apparel pattern I haven't been as happy with our website design, blog platform, promotional materials or social media presence. The amount of information out there about creating a brand is incredible--my bookmarks tab had to get an organizational overhaul--but what of this applies to Sewn? I have work to do. Let's begin.
Maybe we should talk about what I do like re: the first 40 1/2 days of 2014:

1. Sewn Square One patterns are now for sale on! This will be a highlight for this year I know--the store went up today and we filled our first order while it was still being set up. Incredible! If you are not currently a member I highly recommend it--it's an amazing community of sewers, so inspiring and informative. P.S. From Feb 16-March 15 there is a "New to Me" Pattern Company Contest. You make a pattern from a company you've never tried before and enter the final garment for a vote by members.

2. I restored our Etsy site. I am still learning the ins and outs of SEO and the magic of key words but I have the store set up and will continue to mess with it (and practice a positivity!).

3. Wordpress--this is the EXPERIMENT phase--I have always been meaning to try different blogging platforms but have never given myself time to really play around with them. I am very excited to try out Wordpress--I'm really liking the format so far and the blog is so much more focused and reflects what I want Sewn Square One to truly represent.

We can be found here:

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Amazing Textures

These installations were done by French fiber artist, Aude Franjou. Here she has used hemp fiber twisted in linen thread to make vibrant rope-like structures placed in natural environments. 
Wouldn’t it be incredible to stumble upon one of these?
See more here:

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Warm, Slightly Sunny Thursday

I left Seattle this morning for the country at a bright and early 6 AM and spent the day learning how to use a new camera and setting up a photo space. There is some work left to do to say the least. Here is a Triple Play Top made a week or two ago in a gorgeous fabric purchased at Bolt Fabric Boutique in Portland OR.
I love it as a winter blouse under a huge coat. I'm trying it peeking out of a sleeveless dress next.

To a New Year and many new projects!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

It's the little things.

The New York Times did a great article re: the inordinate prices of designer footwear.
(see here: “Shoe Battles”)

It starts with a vivid portrayal of the Bergdorf shoe department and then moves on to more pressing matters: How did we decide shoes were worthy of such cost?

As someone who loves her shoes to their literal death I think that if I were in a position to buy such high priced and gorgeous shoes I would never wear them for fear of sitting on the curb crying after scuffing them on the endless cracked sidewalks of Seattle
 (I already have shoes that I will not walk on gravel in).

So, how did we get here? 
The article does site Carrie Bradshaw as a potential culprit but 
I enjoy this straightforward explanation:
 “ ‘Women have figured out quickly that shoes are a less expensive way of updating your wardrobe,’ said Bonnie Takhar, the president of Charlotte Olympia… ‘Plus they make you look taller.’ ”

Shoes available here by Charlotte Opympia (while supplies last).

shoes via The Outnet, quote via New York Times
article by Eric Wilson

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's been a while.

I'm back. 
I've missed cataloging the things that I find interesting and lately I have been so taken with the creative people I've been privileged to spend time with I am finding so much to be inspired by. I'm currently in the awkward stage of finishing up the school year and starting an internship. Huge changes have happened this year, mostly in the last week! I finished my first year at school, tried to devote more time to Sewn Square One--there's never enough time, and quit a job that I have had for six and half years! Huge changes that have not sunk in. 
I have the day off and need to get things under way. I cannot believe I have a free TUESDAY. That's crazy. I luckily have a backlog of tasks from the past 6 months to tackle. The proverbial list only ever gets bigger. I won't bore you with stories of laundry and renewing my passport but rather I can hopefully throw a little inspiration your way!

A gorgeous picture from Jason's recent trip to San Francisco, very jealous:

The new favorite sweater that I wish could be added to the circulation:

Helmut Lang; image via 
(where I spend a remarkable amount of time)

And the newest issue of Rue Magazine:

Image via
(All 142 pages are such an inspiration!)

Friday, June 1, 2012

A dance of polar opposites

So Barneys had a sale (still going on if so inclined--however every item in my fictional shopping bag has sold out online) and I purchased my first Carven sweater. Black and navy so she fit in right in to the walk-though. You will note her seeming Spring inappropriateness--but she deceives. So good with this print! Spring here we come!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

resurrection in may 
If only.
After my special April project that took up a remarkable amount of energy I'm back online. Hours of my life saved but mainly used for sleep. I'm glad to be back.

These book covers are brought to you by something I have yet to discover: 
Low Commitment Projects: